ADHD and Driving

5 Tips for the Road

ADHD driver being occupies his attention with switching gears

1.Stick Shift

a Manual Transmition makes an ADHD driver feel more attentive

Choose a manual transmission because Teens with ADHD said they felt more attentive while driving a stick shift

an ADHD driver tries to focus on the road while a backseat passanger is moving around and grabbing knobs

2.Limit Distractions

Distractions play a role in almost 60% of accidents involving teens. And kids with ADHD are more easily distracted.

Remember how hard it was to do something you thought was boring or lame? Now Image if you had an Impulsive Emotions. Remember Your Child does and remember your child is a child. Set those rules and boundries, driving is a priveledge.

  • cell phones go in the trunk before getting behind the wheel.
  • Make sure your child knows to keep music low, or off
  • Do NOT eat or drink while you drive
Make Rules and set boundries to keep your baby safe. Stop your kid from being tempted to talk or text while driving.

a little charachter scratching his head infront of a giant notepad and paper while a red question mark floats above his head

3.Driver Rehab

Courses that focus on attention and judgment while driving

Consider "driver rehab." Your child can take these courses in addition to standard driver ed. They focus on attention, judgment, and impulsivity issues as they relate to driving.

a person sitting on a clock

4.Take Your Time

An instructor should supervise for as many as 2 years.

Give them or yourself the time needed to learn. Regularly a parent, an instructor, or ideally both can supervise teen drivers for as many as 2 years. Learning often takes a lot longer than we like to think it will

a mature driver teaching an ADHD teen safety tips

5.Mature Passangers

Gives you an extra set of eyes instead of taking yours away

6. Pick your teen's passengers. Mature friends can help a driver with ADHD focus by warning her to keep her eyes on the road. Other friends might be too distracting.